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Stepping Stone Sidewalk

The problem: A concrete company “missed on the pour” at BMC Brewing, the new brewery that is about to open in Building 3. They cut out their mistake, and left a pile of beautifully finished, brand new concrete in a pile in the parking lot.

Dammit. Waste of time. And money. And concrete, in a world that is facing a shortage of sand.

The solution: A “Stepping Stone Sidewalk,” on a trail that crosses the creek in Pandemic Park. The ephemeral creek drains from our constructed wetland at the Plant. The idea is to trap storm water, and retain it. Biological forces will clean the water before it drains into Robeson Creek, which feeds Jordan Lake.

Jordan Lake is the drinking supply for lots of people. At its elementary best, it is cheaper to let nature clean the water than it is for the Town of Cary to build a water plant to clean the water up.

Best of all, we can now walk the fence in our bedroom slippers without fear of a soaker…

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