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Smelt was an idea conceived after a bottle or two of chocolate liqueur.  It is named after the aluminum smelting plant that used to be here.  We added a skittles lane and started showing art.  The skittles, similar to bowling, was so loud that it scared the art lovers.  The skittles lane was booted next door by Marcela Slade, the first curator that put Smelt on the map.

BMC Brewing moved into the building, renovated and now we have a beautiful industrial space perfect for showing local art.

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The Doodles
July 26-September 1
Opening Reception:  Thursday july 29th 6-8pm

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Maria Zaretskaia has lived in Chapel Hill, NC since 2016.  She spent the previous 17 years living in Indiana pursuing her scientific career in neuroscience and pharmacology at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  In 2014 she received her BFA from the Indiana University Herron School of Arts and Design specializing in drawing, printmaking, paper making and books arts.  Originally from Moscow, Russia, she came to the US following her passion for basic research in neuroscience soon after receiving her doctorate degree in medicine from the Moscow State University School of Medicine.  

"Artwork on paper, black and white graphics, figure drawings, and whimsical creatures have always been my interests.  The Doodles project originally started as mindless doodling on napkins while filling the short 5-10 minute gaps between scientific experiments.  Nobody knows what comes to the mind of an artist while their brain is preoccupied with heavy scientific tasks.  Now, you have the unique chance to see the results of this process."