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Plant Policies 

The Plant Mission & Policies

The Plant is a hub for abundance, local economy, local food, connection to nature and each other.

Outside Alcohol Policy

The Plant is home to the Chatham Beverage District, and therefore the businesses selling alcoholic beverages at The Plant are the priority providers. For private events, the policy stands that no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought in, unless there are circumstances falling under the policy for non-private events.

For events that are hosted by businesses at The Plant or that are coordinated privately but involve all the businesses at The Plant, the policy is that no outside alcoholic beverages may be brought in UNLESS they are supporting the mission of the specific event (i.e. food & beverage festivals with specific purposes or themes that would seek to showcase the products offered by a wider variety of local businesses), and there having been prior approval from the applicable tenants at The Plant that may potentially face competition. 

The mission of The Plant supersedes the short-term gains or losses caused by events to the businesses at The Plant when outside vendors are present. For events that unify The Plant and the community for shared showcasing of local products, including alcoholic beverages, there may be exceptions to the private and public event policy not allowing outside alcohol, with the consent and understanding of the other businesses at The Plant.   

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