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Welcome to the Smelt Art Gallery 

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Chatham Artists Guild presents "Rhythm of Nature" at the Smelt Art Gallery.

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 7th, 2023,

from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Reception goers will enjoy free refreshments and music by Britt Wilson. On view from March 28th through May 28th, the exhibit invites visitors to experience the wonder of nature as seen through the eyes of skilled artists. Their diverse works, spanning from paint to glass, showcase the intricate forms, patterns, and transformations found in the natural world. Every piece embodies our inherent appreciation for the beauty of nature and the materials utilized to bring it to life. Sixty works of art!

Exhibiting artists:

 Jim Aiken, Vidabeth Bensen, Randi Markowitz, Forrest Greenslade, Aline Kala, Barry Udis, Daphne Boder, Colleen Black Semelka, Amy Wandless, Greg Wandless, Janet Place, Steevie Parks, Minnie Gallman, Eric Saunders, Diane Swan, Andrew Wilson, Nancy Ann Moore, Leslie Palmer, Timothy Dowdall, Kathy Flood, Beth Bale, and Darcy Szeremi.

213 Lorax Ln, Pittsboro, NC 27312 - Inside the bmc brewery

Smelt Art Gallery is a non-conventional art gallery located within the hallway of an old smelting plant. It's located in the heart of Pittsboro, NC on The Plant campus. Home of Fair Game Beverage Co., hempsmith, Oak City Hemp, Copeland Springs Farms, Carolina Hemp Tours, Chatham Axes, Chatham Cider Works, Vortex Roasting and Satrrlight Mead. ... bmc brewing occupies the adjacent rooms of the Smelt Art Gallery building.

Learn about our members, watch their studio videos, and browse the galleries of artwork. Many artists offer online shopping, commissions, art classes and private studio visits by appointment. Search for your favorite artist, find our newest members, or sort by art media at Chatham Artists Guild Artists.

Smelt Art Gallery presents a unique gallery space, the building was used for aluminum smelting for inco alloys, manufacturer of parts for fighter jets, housed the reactor building for piedmont biofuels, and most recently shares space with bmc brewing, an on-site brewery and taproom. 

Smelt Cement Backgrownd Light.png
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