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Restorative Local Economy

It’s always a treat when Sean from Fullsteam comes down to the end of Lorax Lane.

Sean was one of the masterminds behind the passage of North Carolina’s “Pop the Cap” legislation that enabled our craft brewing industry to explode. And Fullsteam is one of the anchor brands of the Durham Renaissance—which moved that town from “scary” to “cool.”

The reason he came to visit was to get some pictures of Kristen at Copeland Springs Farm. Fullsteam has released this year’s Southern Basil Ale—and Sean buys the basil from Kristen.

Participating in these kinds of “closed loops” is one of the great joys at the Plant. I buy from Kristen—her vegetarian bowls are to die for. Kristen buys from me. Sean buys from Kristen, and from me. These circulatory loops of local commerce are what strengthen all of us.

Good on Sean for sourcing his basil locally.

At the end of the day, after Sean left, I bumped into Kristen at the Fair Game Tasting Room. She was having a beer. With nine local craft beers on tap, I couldn’t be sure what she was drinking—but it could very well have been a Fullsteam!

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