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Chatham Beverage District

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The Chatham Beverage District was conceived of while driving through Canada and hearing about Toronto's distillery district.  We thought there should be a beverage district in Chatham!  

Fair Game Beverage Company was the first (and 13th distillery in NC) to open their locally made spirits at The Plant using apples, pears, peaches, peppers, and sorghum.  They are passionate about the local foodshed.  Any chance to make something unique from our abundance of fruits.


Next came, Chatham Cider Works.  A family business using local apples and pears to make small batch hard cider.  Some of it tastes close to champagne! 

Starrlight Mead (the largest meadery in NC) built their beautiful tasting room overlooking the farm with rocking chairs.  Mead is wine made from honey.  Again, local honey to make this tasty drink that has almost a cult like following.  Meadfest is quite an event!  The husband/wife team have created magic.

BMC Brewing decided this was the perfect place for their lifelong dream of building a brewery.  Two adorable  scientists that love to ferment.  And there is a story about'll have to go ask them.  

And it's not all alcohol!  Vortex Roasters joined the community just this year with his wholesale roasting and different brands of coffee.  Freakshow Coffee is one.  The smells waft over the plant when they are here.  Vortex Roast coffee can be purchased next door at Carolina Hemp Tours.

Copeland Spring Farms and Kitchen is the complement to the drinks.  This team farms on site and produces beautiful vegetarian bowls (farm to fork that is just a few feet away!).  Truly healthy and local, we are grateful to have this wonderful food on site.


Add in the Smelt Art Gallery, Chatham Axes, Hempsmith Clothing, Oak City Hemp, Carolina Hemp Tours and Chatham Electric Bikes, and you have yourself a day!

More beverages and food are on the way to the Beverage District.  Stay tuned!

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