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Venue perfect for any event 

Come celebrate @ The Plant! From weddings to funerals, we've probably done it... or at least considered it! 
Our event sites are all uniquely their own.

Venue perfect for any event 

host your outdoor event and bring together your family, friends, or business group for an unforgettable gathering.




Elevate your next event by choosing our versatile indoor space venue, comfortably accommodating gatherings of 150-300 people, making it the ideal choice for both corporate functions and memorable birthday parties.

Discover the ultimate space venue, perfectly suited for fostering corporate networking receptions, sparking late night conversations, and creating unforgettable social celebrations.

Lounge Area 

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.11_edited.jpg

Wifi Available 

Elevate your productivity at our venue -where work meets play. Bring your work to the party. Wifi is available around the campus.

Smelt Gallery 

Experience the ultimate venue for year-round parties! Indulge in a delightful dinner at the Smelt Gallery, nestled within BMC Brewing.



Elevate your event experience by hosting your party at our venue with a convenient bar right by your side. Building 2 boasts an exclusive upstairs bar, tailor-made for events, ensuring a seamless and delightful party atmosphere.

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