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Mural #3: Michael Brown/Story Time Room/2010

Chatham County, Central Carolina Community College, and the Town of Pittsboro spent ten years building our fabulous library. The architect for the job was Louis Cherry, out of Raleigh.


I served on Chatham’s “Green Building Task Force” at the time, and I thought the north facing glazing was idiotic.  I was wrong about that.  It turned out to be a spectacular building.  Our library punches way above its weight class for a town this size.


In the children’s section is an oval Story Time Room that is wrapped by a 360-degree mind blowing mural by Michael Brown.  It’s filled with Peter Pan like flying children, castles, and a sea monster that you would like to take home to mother. I’m not sure how to even photograph such a thing…


This piece was commissioned by the Friends of the Library and was installed in 2010, the year the library opened.


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