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Mural #9: Loren Pease/Yoga Garden/Breathe/2021

Updated: Apr 30

This mural makes me happy every time I drive by it. I don’t know Loren Pease—but this is a fantastic addition to our town.


It’s on the wall at Yoga Garden, which is owned by Lexie Wolf.  I do know Lexie.  She has transformed Yoga Garden from a sow’s ear into a silk purse—taking an old house and recreating it into a terrific asset for this town.  Watching the metamorphosis of Yoga Garden has been fun.  Kind of like a butterfly, I suppose.


When you Google Loren Pease you come to, which has a portfolio as long as your arm.  She is clearly an accomplished artist.


Loren and Michael Brown have done a bunch of projects together. Apparently, they collaborated on the Yoga Garden mural, with Michael Brown saying, “She did all of the work.”


The redoubtable Michael Brown has retired from the mural business.  It appears Loren Pease is his heir apparent.

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