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Mural #12: David Wilson/Truth, Justice, Reconciliation/2023

Updated: Apr 30

This is a fascinating glass printed mural on the back of Horton Middle School.  I found a write up about it on the Chatham Arts Council website. It said:


“Members of the East Chatham NAACP and West Chatham NAACP, in collaboration with the Community Remembrance Coalition Chatham (CRC-C), led the Truth-Justice-Reconciliation mural project. The group’s mission was to represent the critical contributions of the Black community over time, from the 18th century to today. Working together, they selected the seven trailblazers featured on the mural, and tapped Durham-based artist David Wilson to bring them to life for future generations."

The Arts Council's website continues: 

“My background is in fine arts and graphic design,” Mr. Wilson says. “But in 1999 or 2000, I shifted my focus to public art. I wanted something more lasting and impactful.” His previous work beautifies the John Chavis Memorial Park in Raleigh, the Gantt Center for African-American Arts in Charlotte, and many other sites in North Carolina. Putting his artistry to work here in Chatham County, Mr. Wilson declares that he was “pulled in by the local Black history. It reminded me of my own upbringing in rural West Virginia.”

It appears some of the funding for this project came from Chatham Park, and there is a reference on the Art’s Council’s site to their “Go See This Series.” 

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