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Mural #2: Stacye Leanza/Pittsboro Haw River Mural/2008

Diane Swan was the instigator of this project.  She’s an accomplished wood worker and artist who tells the story of this mural beautifully over at

The lead muralist was Stacye Leanza.  She moved to town from New York—Parsons School of Design, no less.  Stacye was an erstwhile shop mate of mine for many projects, and in her early days in Chatham County I helped her sell murals to Pem Hobbs over at the Siler City Mural Society.  She did the mural at the hardware store downtown, and another at the Wren library.


Stacye is an accomplished illustrator, muralist, and teacher of art.


When she tells the Pittsboro Haw River Mural Story, Diane recounts what it was like to be partnered with the Abundance Foundation in its early days.  Tami was operating Abundance, which was a 501(C)3 non-profit.  It took the mural project on as a “Fiscal Sponsor,” which meant taking in tax deductible donations and distributing money as needed to get the project done. Diane’s theory is that this early fiscal sponsorship paved the way for many more great community projects over the years.


I think she might be right about that.


Do check out her website. It has great photographs.  And passionate storytelling. 


Last June, Diane posted that the mural needs a “refurb.” 

Good idea.  When do we start?


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