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Mural #4: LaNelle Davis/The Old Hatchery/2012

Updated: Apr 25

LaNelle Davis was a serious mosaicist before she started putting up mosaic murals.  She and Virginia Bullman created the “Southern Ladies” collection of giant concrete women, expertly mosaiced.


You might have seen one patiently waiting for the train in Wilson, NC.  Or on a bench on Weaver St. in Carrboro.  Tami and I own one that is in my garden in Moncure named Mrs. Robinson.  She looks like someone who would tower over the potluck table in a church basement.


LaNelle and Virginia also created the Angel Chair that sits beneath a blackjack oak in the yard at the Plant.


As I embarked on this Murals of Pittsboro endeavor, I pinged LaNell to get the scoop on the giant mosaic chicken that appeared one day on Steve Carr’s building on Rectory St.  Here is essentially what she emailed me:


“This mural came about because while I was in Philadelphia taking a mosaic mural class from Isaiah Zagar–Molly Matlock, then ED of Chatham Arts Council, talked to Steve Carr & told him I wanted to execute a mosaic mural somewhere in Pittsboro.


“He offered his building which then housed the barber shop & Angelina’s Kitchen. 


“Steve & I met several times to discuss ideas for designs. Because both of us were interested in the history of this building as having been a hatchery in Pittsboro’s earlier time (people worked 24/7 shifts) – we decided a tip of the hat to the working folks and hatchery business of that building would be appropriate. Hence, chickens.  


“I took the class in April, started designing in May and it was complete by October of 2012. 


“I used tile & stained glass I already had.”


Bam.  That’s how the mosaic chickens came to our town.

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