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Mural #6: LaNelle Davis/Beth Goldston/Blue Bird Rising/2014

Updated: Apr 25

Sometime when you are stuck in traffic at the circle downtown, check out LaNell’s mosaic mural on Pam and Snuffy Smith’s “Beggars and Choosers” side door.


Today the place is occupied by Screaming for Vintage.


Here is the backstory LaNelle emailed me:


“In Virlie’s Grill one day I ran into Beth Goldston, whose art I had always admired. We talked about art and the chicken mural, etc. & that it might be time for another one, but I needed a place.


“Beth indicated she’d like to help with a new project and suggested Pam Smith might be game. We met with Pam & we started the designing process in earnest.


“We wanted to use locally sourced stained glass, pottery & tile from the creative folks living right here. Pam put a flyer in her store asking for dish & tile donations & we called on artist friends & others to donate scrap-stained glass, pottery & tile to the cause. 


“The ascending Bluebird symbolized our continued Hope for our sweet town in the years to come.”

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